Study suggests online ‘self-help’ programs for problem gamblers have no long-term benefit

A recently-published study suggests that voluntary participation in ‘self-help’ programs designed to combat problem gambling is not an effective tool for curbing future problematic gambling behaviours.  The study, published in Journal for Gambling Studies, attempted to determine the feasibility and efficacy of a brief online self-help program targeted at ‘concerned’ gamblers who perceived a need to change […]

Gambling Commission establishes ‘Lived Experience Panel’

The Gambling Commission has announced the establishment of a permanent ‘Lived Experience Panel’, which will provide advice, evidence, and recommendation to inform decision-making and raise standards. The panel will provide the Gambling Commission with independent advice based on personal lived experience of gambling harms. The Lived Experience Panel will join the Advisory Board for Safer […]

Data shows the impact of COVID-19 on gambling behaviour in September 2020

The Gambling Commission has published further data showing how the easing of lockdown regulations continued to impact gambling behaviour in Great Britain. The new data reflects the period between March and September, and includes both online and in-person gambling. The latest data shows the online market continues to evolve, seeing a 7% increase in active accounts. This was […]

Gambling Commission publishes first National Strategic Assessment

The Gambling Commission has published its’ first National Strategic Assessment. The document, which uses the latest available evidence from a wide range of sources and case studies, sets out the Commission’s priorities regarding the issues and risks gambling presents to general consumers and highlights areas where progress is being made to make gambling safer. Chief Executive Neil McArthur said: “We […]

Hare Analytics Limited a spin-out of the University of Oxford

Hare Analytics are pleased to announce that the company is an official spin-out from the University of Oxford. Hare Analytics will be working closely with Oxford University Innovations, who will be primarily providing commercial and legal advice. Oxford Science Innovation will also be a shareholder in the company. Hare Analytics utilises behavioural state models that were originally developed in the […]

Data shows impact of COVID-19 on gambling behaviour in the UK

The Gambling Commission has published data showing how Coronavirus (COVID-19) has impacted gambling behaviour in the United Kingdom in the period between March and August 2020. The latest data shows the online market contracting slightly over the period including national lockdown, although it is conceded that this could be attributable to the break in English Premier League football and […]

European gambling associations renew commitment to safer online gambling as Coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions return

As coronavirus-related (COVID-19) restrictions return across Europe, fifteen online gambling associations publicly renewed their commitment to safer gambling and responsible advertising. The reintroduction of severe restrictions across the continent could lead to citizens once again spending prolonged periods at home, and raises concerns that isolation could increase the risks of addictive behaviours, including those related to […]

Gambling Commission introduces new rules to address irresponsible ‘VIP Customer’ schemes

The Gambling Commission has announced strict new guidance for gambling operators to clean up the malpractice of so-called ‘VIP’ schemes. UK gambling operators have been warned that there should be no irresponsible incentivisation of high-value customers. The Commission has identified VIP schemes as an area for change, and has challenged the gambling industry to work together to assess […]

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